Japanese Knitting Books
For the Adventurous Knitter

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Ladies Sweater Vest Vol 11 1000 Knitting Patterns Book About Japanese Knitting and Crochet books

The complexity of the stitch patterns, the elegance of their garment design, and Japanese designer's love of traditional knitting combine to create exceptional garments. There are several stitch dictionaries available too!

NOTE: Recommended for the Adventurous knitter! These books are entirely in Japanese, but with great charts and schematics.

Patterns inspired by Japanese stitch patterns

Fiddlesticks Knitting Patterns - Designer Dorothy Siemens has been very entranced with the beautiful Japanese stitch patterns and incorporated them into several designs.
Charming Elegance Flair Genevieve Gloriana Harmony Vest
Lorelei Luscious Vest Madame Butterfly Namaste Tunic Silken Dream Three Cosy Lace Scarves Wavy Lace Scarves


125 Knitting Symbols 125 Patterns 125 Knitting Symbols 125 Patterns,
$33.95 Cdn, $33.95 US
Divided into sections of texture, lace, twisted stitches, bobbles, wrapped stitches, and colourwork; each section with detailed photos of how to work stitch symbols, and several examples of stitch patterns that use the symbols. An excellent reference book!

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1000 Knitting Patterns Book 1000 Knitting (and Crochet) Patterns Book, $90.95 Cdn, $90.95 US

An extensive reference of stitch patterns, all charted, with the samples a mix of colour and black&white photographs. The knitting section covers knit/purl textures, cables, lace, colour work, colour and cables, colour and lacework, fair isle, mosaic and more. There are 700 knitting stitch patterns and 300 crochet stitch patterns.
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Canadian Knit Canadian Knit,
$34.95 Cdn, $34.95 US
Inspired by Canadian knits from the west coast, there are sweaters, vests, capes and accessories for women, men, and children. Bold designs of birds, stars, anchors, waves, and dozens of geometrics.

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Clear_Simple_Knitting_Symbols Clear & Simple Knitting Symbols, $18.95 Cdn, $18.95 US

This is a great resource book for the Adventurous Knitter tackling Japanese knitting patterns. There are over 60 symbols listed, with clear illustrations and photos to explain how to work the symbol.
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Fair Isle Knitting Japanese Fair Isle Knitting Japanese, $49.95 Cdn, $49.95 US

Beautiful Fair Isle sweaters and vests in fine patterning and gorgeous colour combinations.
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Knitting Basics Knitting Basics, $25.95 Cdn, $25.95 US

A good reference book for knitters, there are 60 symbols with illustrated instructions to aid you reading other Japanese garment knitting books, 150 illustrated knitting techniques, plus some beautiful projects to work.
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300 Lace Patterns Knitting Patterns 300 Lace $42.95 Cdn, $42.95 US

Fully charted, these lacy designs vary from all-over lace to panels and mixes of lace and twisted stitch. The books is divided into sections covering the following styles of lace: Leaf, Diamond, Horizontal Stripe, Vertical Stripe, Wave, Small, Check, Ziz-zag, Herringbone, Flowers, and Cables.

Knitting Patterns Book 500 Knitting Patterns 500, $40.95 Cdn, $40.95 US

They say you can never have enough stitch dictionaries - there is no end to the creativity of knitters to design more combinations of stitch patterns. In this compilation of stitch patterns there are knit-purl textures, cables and bobbles, lace, and many designs which combine different stitch styles. Illustrated techniques at the bottom of some pages show how to work a stitch used in the stitch patterns above. Fully charted with large pictures of knitted samples.
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